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School and College Events

A lot more emphasis and energy is being put back into sport in schools and colleges, with fitness now more of an issue and our youngsters wanting to try new, more adventurous activities. We offer one of the biggest and most up and coming growth sports in the country at the moment, with the possibility of using climbing as part of the GCSE PE qualification. Our wall takes some of the hassle out of organising the pursuit of climbing, as we bring the wall to you, thus making it more cost effective. Not having to organise and pay for transport to a static climbing venue also helps! Pupils can progress from a purely fun activity to the more serious higher level climbing qualifications. It’s suitable for ages 5 years upwards. Read more about our work with Schools.

Corporate Events

As adults there is no doubt we all enjoy having fun, fun is not just for youngsters but for all age groups. Most modern businesses find the need to keep their employees motivated and what better way to challenge their mental and physical skills, and help improve bonding between team members than rock climbing?

Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK at the moment. The UK has plenty of mountains, however these are not always accessible. Many would like to have the opportunity to have a go at rock climbing before setting out on a full day in the mountains, which could involve a lot of traveling and organisation. At Climb Higher we give people the benefit of having a go at rock climbing without the necessity of traveling to the venue. This is because we bring the venue to you, i.e. The Wall; it can be used on its own or in conjunction with other indoor/outdoor activities, maybe as part of an obstacle course.

We are prepared to bring to you at your choice of venue our mobile climbing wall which will allow 6 climbers at any one time, supervised by our fully trained staff. We have five million pounds of public liability cover, first aid training and are all recently CRB checked.